※ SUS 304 stainless steel mesh belt. ※ High strength, easy to clean. ※ Food grade. ※ High density PU panel. ※ Double-sealed insulated door. ※ Electrical heater fitted on door frame to allow the door open bleat any time. Intelligent Central Control System ※ PLC touch screen control, friendly...

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※ SUS 304 stainless steel mesh belt. 

※ High strength, easy to clean. 

※ Food grade. 

※ High density PU panel. 

※ Double-sealed insulated door. 

※ Electrical heater fitted on door frame to allow the door open bleat any time.

Intelligent Central Control System 

※ PLC touch screen control, friendly interface. 

※ Multiple modes available: Running, Freezing, Cooling, Cleaning and defrosting. Real-time freezer status monitored. 

※ Breakdown protection and detection, alarming system available.

High strength net belt

The product can be put on the net belt directly to freeze. The smooth mesh fulfills the minimum marks on the products.

There are baffle edges on both sides of the link flakes of the net bell, which can prevent the products or basins from dropping down from the bell.

The net bells are all made by SUS304 food grade stainless steel, which can assure the hygiene requirement. 

Complete stainless steel structure the spiral structure components are all made by stainless steel. And the large and small chains and chain wheels of the drum, each axial and bearing of the net belt conveyor shaft are all made by stainless steel.

Complete aluminum evaporator facilitate to clean

The evaporator tubes and fins are all made by complete aluminum or aluminum-alloy. The large fins, which easy to clean, assure the hygiene requirement.

Easy to install

We have adopted stainless steel aero bottom frame. A withstand flat ground provided to install is enough. The customer need nit make any particular antifreeze base. 

Flexible double stainless steel insulation sandwich panel cabinet

The insulation cabinet is composed by foamed PU and coated by stainless sleel sheet. The cabinet door has double seal rods and equipped with heater.

Special air flow designation

The designation of the spiral tower and baffle plates outside the evaporator is a symmetrical and smooth cycle air flow, which enhances the product heat exchange efficiency and ensures no cool air from the entrance of the indeed and out feed. Furthermore, the operator can enter into the cabinet to check the running condition when the equipment was running.

The net belt, drum, evaporator and all of the structure components of square brand series Spiral 

Quick Freezing Device are all manufactured by Nantong Freezing Equipment Factory. Excellent material and manufacture have owned more than hundred customers in domestic and abroad.

No leakage on the bottom large water slot and facilitate to discharge water. 

There is a water slot, which was made by 4mm thickness stainless steel sheet, on the whole bottom of the cabinet. There is a slope, so the water of cleaning and defrosting will not leak forever.

Net belt clean and dry 

The convey net belts are cleaned strongly by water pump and dried by high pressure fan. The stainless steel water slot, stainless steel water pump, high pressure fan with stainless steel enclosure and fan leaves ensure no pollution on the net belt.

Reliable conveyor control

The spiral conveyer has adopted the European advance technology and run reliably. The net belt is controlled by transducer. And the speed of it can be adjusted sleeplessly. The stainless steel electrical control, inside temperature indicator and electrical components are all manufactured by France Schneider Company. The feature of it is reliable.

Application range of Spiral Quick Freezing Device

The best freezing capacity is 300kg/h. 

The width of net belt is 400 to 1321mm (16 to 52 inches). 

The placement of indeed and out feed can be adjusted in a definite range. 

It can be designed according to the products.

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