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Air cooler booster understanding and application
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The following is a learning and mastering of this knowledge for the air cooler, so that we can benefit from it. That is, we can deepen the level of familiarity with this product so that we can promote it. Learn the process and get some new knowledge from it.

1. When using a bag filter at the kiln head, is it necessary to install an air cooler?

When using a bag filter at the kiln head, because the temperature of the kiln head is very high, using a humidifying tower, the temperature is lower than the dust collector can tolerate. Therefore, air is required to be installed. The chiller, in order to get the proper temperature, also allows the dust collector to work normally.

2. Charge air cooler, what kind of air cooler?

A charge air cooler, which may also be called an intercooler, is used to cool the air coming out of the supercharger. When air is pressurized, its pressure is increased and its temperature is increased. Therefore, such an air cooler can be used to effectively reduce the air temperature and, in turn, increase the air density and obtain a good use effect.

3. In general, is the oil-water separator behind the air compressor and air cooler?

In general, oil and water classifiers, which are behind air compressors and air coolers, are also beyond doubt. Furthermore, after the air cooled by the air cooler passes through the oil-water separator, the moisture in the air can be separated and discharged through the drain.

For air coolers, the above mentioned issues are very important and fundamental. At the very least, they are not yet in the front. Therefore, we must take it seriously and carry it out so that we can grasp it in a timely manner and, at the same time, increase through these contents. Your own professional knowledge. In this way, even if encountered in practice, it can be resolved smoothly and promptly, rather than being overwhelmed.

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