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Cooling tower installation method and use knowledge
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1 Environmental choice

1.1 It should be installed in a waterproof channel, a wall that is easy to reflect volume, and it should be installed on the roof or air circulation.

1.2 When two or more cooling towers are used together, attention should be paid to the tower spacing. In the colder regions of the North, the requirements for the construction of indoor pools must also be considered. Usually, we use 1.5 times the diameter of the FRP cooling tower as the standard distance. According to the scale and site requirements, we can increase, but it can not be lower than the distance of the FRP cooling tower diameter.

1.3 It should not be installed on four sides with an exterior wall or airtight place, and attention should be paid to the distance between the tower body and the exterior wall. The minimum distance is 1.5 times the inlet diameter of the tower.

1.4 Soot and dusty places should be avoided to prevent jamming of the film.

1.5 Keep away from the kitchen and boiler room until it is hot.

2 Installation points

2.1 The foundation should not be tilted horizontally. The centerline of the cooling tower is perpendicular to the non-planar surface. Otherwise, it will not affect the operation of the motor. Refer to the industrial cooling tower operating weight and the actual installation factor, proofreading the installed base load capacity

2.2 The cooling inlet and outlet pipes above 175T shall be adjusted to the bearing.

2.3 When two or more water pumps are shared, a balanced water pipe should be added between the water basins.

2.4 Incoming and outgoing water connections should be connected with suspension pipes.

2.5 The fan blades of the cooling tower shall be in line with the gap between the tower walls. Never allow the side clearances to differ too much to find problems and solve them in time.

2.6 The motor and reducer should be inspected periodically for maintenance repairs. The reducer should check the oil level.

3 start check

3.1 If all screws are tight, turn on the bottom drain valve before starting the machine, and thoroughly flush the debris from the inlet and outlet pipes, basins and other components to prevent debris from entering the water tower and blocking the host.

3.2 The fan and the watering system rotate smoothly. The gap between the end of the blade and the fan is uniform, and the installation angle of the fan blade should be the same to avoid vibration when the cooling tower is running too much.

3.3 Check if the power supply and motor voltage are the same.

3.4 The belt assembly is installed correctly.

3.5 The position of the suction part of the circulating pump should be lower than the position of the water surface of the industrial cooling tower. Turn on the fill valve to fully fill the basin and the water pipe, and the water level should be less than 25mm full of water.

3.6 When the fan is running, look down from the fan cylinder and rotate clockwise. After the fan is running normally, it is necessary to check the current of the motor and whether the voltage is within the normal range. If there is any abnormality, it should be adjusted in time.

3.7 When starting, before the pump, after the open fan, check the wind direction, and air volume, and adjust in time until it reaches the requirements.

3.8 After the fan is running normally, open the outlet valve first and then open the inlet valve. At the same time, pay attention to adjust the position of the inlet and outlet valve to ensure that the circulating water volume meets the cooling flow requirement.

4 Operation check

4.1 The residue inside the cooling tower should be regularly removed to check whether the influent water quality contains grease or other sundries. According to the situation, it is necessary to select whether to use the water treatment purification equipment for regular water quality treatment.

4.2 After about 60 hours of operation, the belt tension must be checked again to ensure normal operation.

4.3 Oil must be replaced after the oil level of gear reducer and 150H operation.

4.4 For industrial cooling towers that are not used for a long time, the power should be cut off, the belt should be loosened, and there should be no residual water inside the cooling tower. Colleagues should protect the towers by preventing them from entering the water tower, and preventing the sun and rain from accumulating and accelerating the aging of the cooling tower.

4.5 The cooling tower cooling efficiency is affected by the amount of cooling water, inlet water temperature, and the local meteorological environment. Attention should be paid to the routine recording of parameter changes.

4.6 When the industrial cooling tower is in operation, special management should be conducted, and problems found should be resolved in time.

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