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Cooling tower products are highly sought after in the market
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Cooling tower cooling effect depends mainly on the size of the air volume and heat transfer area, and the amount of wind depends on the size of the cooling tower motor power and cooling tower fan blade angle; we all know that the cooling tower belongs to mechanical refrigeration, To put it plainly, relying on the motor to drive the rotation of the fan to generate enough air volume, it is like the electric fan used in summer. The larger the fan's gear, the greater the amount of air flow naturally, but if the surrounding wet bulb temperature is too high, the air volume is greater. Instead, the worse the cooling effect is. The heat transfer area is actually the area of the cooling tower packing. The cooling tower blower generates the flowing air, and the main function of the packing is to stop the flow rate when the circulating water falls. It can make the circulating water connect with the flowing air and use the cold. The air to cool the hot water, the greater the heat transfer area, the more the heat exchange between the cold air and the circulating water, the greater the amount of heat taken away; so the cooling tower cooling effect is important is the size of the heat transfer area; The size of the heat transfer area is mainly composed of two parts, one is the shape of the cooling tower packing, and the other is the height of the cooling tower packing.

To sum up, the main reason for the cooling tower cooling is not good, (eliminating the selection is too small) is basically these two points, so if you find that the cooling tower cooling effect is not good, first consider these two points; First, check Whether the packing is blocked or not. Secondly, the angle of the cooling tower fan can be adjusted properly. However, it should be adjusted by professionals. Otherwise, once the fan is unbalanced and distracted, it will directly damage the cooling tower motor.

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