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Cooling tower seeks innovation in stable development
- Jun 11, 2018 -

The working principle of the cooling tower is that the water exchanges heat with the surrounding air to cool the water. The main purpose of the cooling tower is to increase the heat exchange efficiency of the water. The efficiency improvement is mainly from increasing the heat exchange area, increasing the residence time of the water in the falling process, and accelerating the air. Flow, these aspects start. With the continuous development of materials, processes, technologies, cooling towers will be smaller and smaller, more and more quiet, but also can adapt to more environments to use!

Cooling tower parts description and technical parameters

1. Cooling Tower FRP Parts: It is made of polyester resin that is resistant to temperature, aging, and water resistance. The surface is made of gel coat resin, which has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, bright and smooth, non-leg color and so on.

2. Fan: It can be equipped with one of the aluminum alloy and FRP fans according to the user's requirements. Both have the characteristics of reasonable matching of tower crane, large air volume and low noise.

3, motor: the use of outdoor cooling tower motor, reducer. It features stable operation, low energy consumption, long life, low noise, and high temperature resistance.

4, water distribution system: According to user requirements, the use of rotating water distributor or pipe distribution water distribution system. Cooling tower water distribution system features uniform water distribution, low water supply pressure, and easy maintenance.

5. Inclined Ladder Wave Packing: The wave-type packing has the characteristics of large heat dissipation area, uniform redistribution of water, large variation in temperature resistance resistance, small wind resistance, good immersion performance, and poor scale adhesion. Its performance is in full compliance with the Department of Energy NDGJ88-99 "cooling tower plastic water filling filler technical specifications" and DL/T742-2001 "People's Republic of China Ministry of Power cooling tower spray filling standard."

6, steel structure: The use of advanced streamline technology processing, corrosion-resistant hot-dip galvanizing process, plus two anti-corrosion paint, corrosion resistance is particularly strong.

7. The water collecting bucket of the water collection type cooling tower has a large capacity, and is equipped with a manual, automatic replenishment device, a sewage discharge pipe, and an overflow pipe, and there is no need to design the pool separately.

8. Non-chassis series cooling towers are characterized by low cost, light weight, low wind resistance, and good stability.

9. Silent series cooling tower adopts unique and advanced noise elimination technology, ranking the domestic leading position.

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