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Five characteristics of motor cooling tower
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1. Energy-saving - make full use of the excess energy of the circulatory system, and promote the rotation of the turbine driven by the turbine, which completely saves the cooling tower equipped with the fan motor, and does not increase the power consumption of the circulating pump, saving the user the electricity bill.

2. Reliable—The turbine is rigorously designed, with precise structure, advanced technology, and stable operation. It fundamentally solves the problems of leakage, oil leakage, burn and damage caused by motors, electric control and reducer, and provides safe and continuous operation. Guarantee.

3. Safety - Safe operation in any explosion-proof environment.

4. High efficiency - The turbine shaft generates kinetic energy to drive the fan directly, without passing through other speed reducers, and the amount of air changes accordingly with the change of the water flow, so that the gas and water are relatively stable, so as to ensure the cooling effect.

5. Economy - Low maintenance costs. The use of hydraulic turbines instead of motors and reducers avoids the maintenance and replacement costs of traditional cooling towers for motors, reducers, and so on.

6. Low noise - The conventional cooling tower was equipped with a motor and reducer, which greatly reduced the mechanical noise during operation of the cooling tower.

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