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Key Points to Pay Attention to when Selecting Cooling Towers
- Jun 11, 2018 -

The basic principles that should be taken into account when selecting cooling towers:

1. According to the temperature of the cooled water, the cooling tower selection includes: high temperature tower, medium temperature tower and normal temperature tower.

2. According to the status quo of the installation location and the requirements for noise, the selection of cooling towers includes: cross-flow towers and counter-flow towers.

3. Select the cooling water according to the cooling water volume of the chiller. In principle, the cooling tower water volume should be slightly larger than the chiller cooling water volume.

4. When choosing multiple water towers, try to choose the same type of cooling tower.

Points to note when selecting a cooling tower:

1. The cooling tower's tower structure material must be stable, durable, corrosion-resistant, and assembled with precision.

2. Even water distribution, less wall flow, reasonable spraying equipment, easy to plug.

3. The type of cooling tower pour water filling meets the requirements for water quality and water temperature.

4. The fan is matched to ensure long-term normal operation, no vibration and abnormal noise, and the blades are resistant to water erosion and have sufficient strength. The installation angle of the fan blade can be adjusted, but the angle must be the same, and the current of the motor should not exceed the rated current of the motor.

5. Low power consumption, low cost, small and medium size steel frame glass cooling towers also require light weight.

6. The cooling tower should be avoided as far as possible in the place where the heat source, exhaust gas and flue gas occur, near the chemical stacking place and the coal pile.

7. The distance between cooling towers or towers and other buildings, in addition to taking into account the tower ventilation requirements, towers and buildings interact with each other, should also consider the building fire protection. Explosion-proof safety distance and cooling tower construction and maintenance requirements .

8. The inlet of the cooling tower can be rotated 90°.180°.270°.

9. The material of the cooling tower can withstand low temperatures of -50°C, but it should be stated when ordering in areas where the average temperature in the coldest month is below -10°C in order to take anti-icing measures. The cost of cooling towers increased by approximately 3%.

10. The turbidity of circulating water should be no more than 50mg/l, and short-term no more than 100mg/l should not contain oil and mechanical impurities. If necessary, algae and water quality stabilization measures must be taken.

11. The water distribution system is designed according to the nominal amount of water. If the actual amount of water is within ±15% of the nominal amount of water, it should be stated when ordering so that the design can be modified.

12. In the process of storage and transportation of cooling tower components, no heavy objects shall be allowed on it, no sun exposure shall be allowed, and fire prevention shall be observed. Cooling tower installation, transportation and maintenance shall not use electricity, gas welding and other open flames, and firecracker fireworks shall not be fired nearby.

13. The multi-tower design of the round tower shall have a net distance between the tower and the tower not less than 0.5 times the diameter of the tower body. Cross-flow towers and countercurrent towers can be arranged side by side.

14. Selection of the pump should be matched with the cooling tower to ensure the flow, lift and other process requirements.

15. When selecting multiple cooling towers, use the same model as much as possible.

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