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The flexibility of the cooling tower is designed to meet the needs of different jobs
- Jun 11, 2018 -

1. Reliable: The unique and rational design of the external turbine is installed outside the cooling tower air duct, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance. The structure is the same as the traditional cooling tower motor and gearbox, eliminating the mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional motor, and operating smoothly. , high reliability.

2, cold guarantee: As the season changes, the cooling system will change. The unique design of the three-brake valve of the external turbine makes the fan speed increase or decrease with the increase or decrease of the circulating water flow, and the air volume also increases and decreases, so that the air-water ratio of the cooling tower is stabilized in the best state to achieve the best operating effect;

3. Environmental protection: After the external turbine replaces the motor, it reduces mechanical noise and vibration and reduces user's energy.

4. Energy saving: Make full use of the return water pressure of the circulating water system to convert it into mechanical energy. External turbine replaces the motor drive to achieve 100% energy saving.

5, safety: fundamentally eliminate the failure of the motor, electrical control and leakage of electricity leakage damage, provide a guarantee for safe continuous operation, can be safely run in any environment that requires explosion-proof.

It is understood that some containers of cooling towers have been broken. What causes this, and how can we prevent them?

The main materials of the FRP cooling tower are very good in terms of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other aspects, but one thing is not very good, its rigidity is good, and it is brittle. If it is stored, due to improper operation, it is easy to break the steel can, which has a very bad influence on the later use. Because it is not enough, we must pay special attention to the future storage and operation.

We must put the fiberglass cooling towers as far as possible into a relatively wide area. We must keep away from the fire. The ignition point of glass fiber reinforced plastics is relatively low, and if there is a fire source, it is easy to cause a great loss due to the fire. At the same time, it is also necessary to choose a relatively flat surface for storage. If there is a sharp material, it is very easy to scratch the container. In addition to doing a good job of windproof measures, its weight is very light, so it can easily be blown, for which it can be properly fixed. The degree of freedom is large, and the product is widely used and adaptable. Therefore, in a definite sense, FRP meter box material is an extremely wide range of applications.

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