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What are the puzzles in air coolers that need to be explored?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

In the air cooler, in addition to the relevant knowledge in front of us, do we still have to continue the study of this website product? Obviously, on this issue, the answer is yes, because we haven't reached the level of comprehensiveness and specificity. Therefore, we must continue to understand and achieve the expected learning goals and requirements.

1. What are the necessary components of air coolers? And, in specific applications, can it only be a cooler?

The essential components of air coolers are the three bundles, the frame and the fan, which are three important parts that cannot be missing or missing. Since it is based on air as a coolant, it can be either a cooler or a condenser for specific applications.

2. Air cooler, is it an industrial heat exchanger? What are the advantages of using an air cooler in the engine intake and exhaust system?

Air coolers, from a professional point of view, are industrial heat exchange devices, so the answer to this question is yes, that is, it is positive. The main purpose of using air coolers in the engine's intake and exhaust system is to allow the fuel to be fully burned, and then to increase the power of the engine, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental protection. This is what it can bring. benefit.

3. Why can an evaporator be called a direct expansion air cooler?

This is because in the evaporator, its working medium is changed from high-pressure liquid to low-pressure gas, and at the same time, it absorbs heat and achieves the purpose of cooling. When hot air flows through the evaporator coil, it is cooled to cold air, so it will have this name.

These are all related to air coolers. At the same time, they must be firmly mastered, because they are something that we may encounter during the actual use of our products. Therefore, we must not be sloppy and lax. It is impossible to solve these problems smoothly and promptly. On the contrary, it will outweigh the benefits.

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