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Affect The Air Cooler Cooling Effect Factors?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

When we use an air cooler, we sometimes encounter poor cooling performance. What are the causes of this phenomenon?

In this regard, air cooler manufacturers said that hot air recirculation can be a problem at any time of the year. In the hot summer months, it will greatly reduce the capacity of air coolers. Here are the main reasons for the problems:

1. Avoid installing air coolers on buildings and structures near the leeward side. Hot air comes out of the air cooler and is entrained by the wind. After hitting an obstacle, some hot air circulates back to the entrance. Using a blower fan with a sufficiently high exhaust air duct can alleviate this problem. However, the best way is to install the air cooler away from these obstacles.

2. Air coolers with blower fans are always easy to recycle air. If the air cooler is installed too close to the ground, a high air approach speed will result, and hot air recirculation may become very severe. The blower type air cooler is installed at a relatively high place on the ground, preferably above the pipe gallery. If the air cooler is close to other structures, an exhaust duct can be installed in the upper part of the tube bundle to minimize the amount of hot air recirculation.

3. Closely placed rows of air coolers are installed in line with the prevailing wind direction, and hot air recirculation is easily generated. The rows of air coolers shall be installed so that the long axis direction is perpendicular to the dominant summer wind direction. Multiple air coolers that are close together, such as a combination of draft and blower styles, can also cause air recirculation. Avoid installing the air cooler on the downwind side of the heat equipment. At the same time, different levels of air coolers should also be avoided when they are installed closely. If it is necessary to install an air cooler on the leeward side of the heat equipment, the air inlet to the heat equipment should be blocked, which will alleviate the problem.

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