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How Does The Air Cooler Model And Represent On The Model?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

For the air cooler, the following is mainly to explain and explain the relevant knowledge of its model, so that everyone can understand and understand the type of air cooler and know what it is like. In this case, it is encountered in practice. At this time, it is possible to clearly understand its specific meaning and what important information is included to avoid omissions.

1. Why are air coolers designed in parallel with the same model? What can we know about the air cooler model?

For the air cooler model, the parallel type of the same type, its main purpose is to have a consistent parameter, and the same air cooling capacity, so as to achieve a good heat transfer effect. In general, the air coolers used in industry are all standard equipment. Therefore, we can know the four parameters of air cooler area, air volume, size, and pipe range through its model number.

2. In the air cooler model, how to select and determine the fin material of the tube bundle fin tube?

In the air cooler model, for the selection and determination of the fin material of the tube bundle finned tube, we should know that it is specifically:

Aspect 1: In the oil and chemical industry, the fin material is generally made of aluminum metal material, and the outer tube is an aluminum alloy tube containing silicon manganese, mainly to improve the hardness.

Aspect 2: In the electric power and other industries, its material is generally a carbon steel strip, and the surface is treated with galvanization in order to increase its service life.

Aspect 3: For some occasions with high corrosion requirements, stainless steel is used as the fin material because of its good corrosion resistance.

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