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How To Clean The Air Cooler And What Is The Windward Side
- Jun 08, 2018 -

1. What are the main features of air cooler cleaning?

The cleaning of the air cooler, if specifically speaking, it has two physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. As for which one to use, it depends on the actual situation. If it is for a slight scale, then it is better to choose physical cleaning, and it is easy to implement and carry out. If not, then chemical cleaning is recommended. However, one thing to note is that the air cooler should be protected from corrosion problems.

2. What is the full name of the air cooler? In addition, the water pressure test, in general, how long is the test time?

The full name of the air cooler is the air cooler, and, on the fins, it can be a finned copper tube or a corrugated aluminum fin. Therefore, in some occasions, it can be used instead of a cooling tower.

The hydrostatic pressure test of the air cooler is generally about 50 minutes during the test period. Also, the test pressure depends on the design pressure.

3. What is the windward side of the air cooler?

The windward side of the air cooler, in the specific sense, refers to the side facing the wind. Moreover, this must be clear to us. It can be regarded as the area within the inner wall of the outer frame of the tube bundle in terms of area, and the length of the tube bundle can be multiplied by the width to obtain an approximate value. Also, it should be noted that if the air velocity on the windward side is too low, then the heat transfer efficiency and effect of the air cooler will be affected.

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