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What Are The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Air Cooler Descaling?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The medium and low-pressure air compressors used in industrial production use two-stage compression. An intercooler is provided to reduce the energy consumption of the compressed air temperature and ensure the safe production and the air outlet capacity of the air compressor. In order to reduce the compressed air discharge temperature, a terminal stainless steel cooler is also provided. Air-cooled air compressor air coolers are generally cooled by industry water. Therefore, after the long-term operation of the stainless steel air cooler, there is scale generation inside. Scale proliferation hinders heat exchange, reduces the cross-sectional area of the air cooler, and completely blocks the pipeline when it is severe, causing the phenomenon that the air compressor exhaust temperature exceeds the process requirements. If you can regularly descaling stainless steel air cooler can enjoy the following benefits:

What are the benefits of stainless steel air cooler descaling?

1, improve heat transfer efficiency

The thermal conductivity of scale is from a few tenths to several hundredths of a steel plate. Therefore, after the descaling of the stainless steel air cooler, the efficiency of heat transfer from the compressed air side to the cooling water side is significantly improved, and the temperature of air discharge is greatly reduced. At the same time, after the derusting of the stainless steel air cooler with reliable reputation, the automatic shutdown due to the high temperature of the air compressor is avoided, and the rated gas production capacity of the air compressor is well guaranteed.

2, provincial power consumption

The air from the previous stage of the air compressor, after the descaled stainless steel air cooler removes the excess heat, reduces the temperature at which the gas enters the point of secondary compression and ends at the end of compression, reducing the variable index of the air compression. The value makes the compression process close to the isothermal process, thereby reducing power consumption. Therefore, the operation of the air compressor is more economical. Reduced cooling water consumption After descaling of the stainless steel air cooler, the utilization of cooling water is greatly increased, and the cooling water consumption is greatly reduced. As a result, the need for cooling water flow and pressure supply from the stainless steel air cooler is reduced.

3, improve the quality of compressed air

After the descaling of the stainless steel air cooler, the quality of the compressed air is improved, and the moisture content in the compressed air is reduced. Obviously, this step of strengthening the cooling and dehumidification process of the air purification system will make the delivered air more dry and clean. The descaled stainless steel air cooler cools the compressed air in one stage to the desired temperature and then sends it to secondary compression. In this way, the first-stage compression-discharged air is analyzed by the water with moderate moisture after passing through the intercooler, and is discharged from the air-water separator of the intercooler. At the same time, the second-stage compressed air is fully cooled by the descaling down-cooler, lowering the temperature of the air sent out, and the precipitated water is eliminated by the air-water separator of the last cooler. In this way, the air sent out after two effective cooling separations is more dry.

The above is the benefit of the stainless steel air cooler descaling that Xiao Bian has learned for everyone. I believe that through a series of descaling operations, unique stainless steel air coolers can exert their unique advantages and the air cooling effect can be brought into full play. Ultimately, it brings about better improvements for the industry, ensures that this unique product is widely used in life, and makes air cooling technology the mainstream in today's cooling technology.

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