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What Are The Cooling Technologies For Stainless Steel Air Coolers?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Nowadays, the common cooling technology in China is air-cooled. This is because the air-cooling technology is mainly air-cooled, does not require excessive energy consumption, and has a better protection effect on the environment, so today's reputable stainless steel Air coolers have become an important machine for cooling in many enterprises. With the increasingly widespread application of stainless steel air coolers in the market, professional stainless steel air coolers exhibit diversified cooling technologies. The following small series will introduce to you the stainless steel air cooler cooling technology?

What are the cooling technologies for stainless steel air coolers?

1. Mechanical air direct air cooling technology

This system is also called the ACC system. It refers to the steam exhaust of a steam turbine. It is directly condensed with air and heat exchanged between air and steam. The process flow is that the steam turbine exhaust passes through the coarse exhaust pipe to the outdoor air-cooled condenser. The stainless steel air cooler fan causes air to flow through the outer surface of the cooler and condenses the exhaust steam into water. The condensed water is then pumped back to the boiler. The advantages are: no intermediate medium such as cooling water is needed, and the initial temperature difference is large. The equipment is small, the system is simple, the area is small, and the adjustment of the system is more flexible.

Second, surface type indirect air cooling technology

The process flow of surface-type stainless steel air cooler indirect air-cooling system is: the circulating water enters the water side of the surface-type stainless steel air cooler through the surface heat exchange, the stainless steel air cooler steam side steam turbine exhaust, and the heated circulating water is sent to the air cooling by the circulating water pump. In the tower, the air-cooled radiator exchanges heat with the surface of the air. The circulating water is cooled by the air and then returned to the condenser to cool the steam exhaust of the steam turbine to form a closed cycle. The indirect air-cooling system of the surface condenser is different from the steam turbine-type indirect air-cooling system in that the cooling water is not mixed with the steam exhaust of the steam turbine and the surface heat exchange is performed, so that the high-quality unit can meet the higher water quality of the boiler feed water. . The system is basically the same as the conventional stainless steel air cooler system, except that the air cooling tower is used instead of the wet cooling tower, and the stainless steel air cooler replaces the copper condenser.

The above is the cooling technology of the stainless steel air cooler learned by Xiao Bian. This cooling can save more water resources, and different cooling effects can be applied to different companies, and its economic performance is better than other equipment. To highlight. It is believed that the application of these two technologies will make the unique stainless steel air cooler play a better cooling effect and bring greater breakthroughs to China's industrial modernization and development.

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