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What Are The Differences Between Air Coolers And Air Coolers?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

In the application of our country's construction machinery, we often need to use the cooling function to improve the actual operation of the equipment, and the high-quality cooling capacity can improve the actual operation efficiency and service life. In our country's construction machinery, air coolers and air coolers have played a vital role, and these two products have many differences in their performance and other aspects. The following Xiaobian analyzes the best wind for everyone. What are the differences between coolers and air coolers?

What are the differences between air coolers and air coolers?

1. There is a big difference in the cooling temperature

As we all know, the air cooler is a device for air cooling. This product is designed to use heat exchange tubes as smart accessories. Therefore, there is a temperature difference between the smart air and the air. The cooling medium can be higher than the air. The temperature and the minimum temperature and the air temperature match each other after the temperature is reduced. The professional air cooler on the market is a complete refrigeration unit that uses the refrigerant to achieve a lower cooling effect. Therefore, in terms of the actual cooling effect, the air cooler is cooled. Better results.

2. Different equipment and equipment investment

Consumers may find that the components of the air-cooler cooling system are relatively small during actual use. Under normal circumstances, a long connecting pipe is required to allow air to circulate through the air cooler to obtain a better cooling effect. The best air-cooling device is The simple structure and low manufacturing cost have been widely promoted; the air cooler is a device that uses the power vortex to form gas exchange to improve the cooling effect. Therefore, a series of air exchange devices are needed in the actual design. Therefore, the required capital and equipment installation area is greater.

The above is the difference between an air-cooled air cooler and an air cooler. A high-quality air-cooled air cooler can continue to flow through the cooler recirculation system to achieve a more excellent cooling effect. Therefore, this equipment is in the long-term industry. The role of cooling in equipment has also become increasingly profound. These two products are applied in different ranges due to different treatment methods and treatment effects to meet the requirements of different mechanical cooling, and also help China's industrial field to develop better prospects.

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