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What Is The Effect Of Improper Cooling Water Control And Fouling In Air Coolers?
- Jun 08, 2018 -

1. What is the consequence if the air cooler in the air-cooled room of the generator is not properly controlled for cooling water?

The air cooler in the air-cooling room of the generator, if the amount of cooling water is not properly controlled, then the result is that the phenomenon of “condensing” occurs, thereby affecting the safety of the generator operation. Therefore, install a humidity monitor to detect problems in a timely manner.

2. Can the last-stage exhaust air cooler of a steam turbine adopt some measures or methods during its use to avoid seasonal changes to its vacuum? And, 360KW air cooler, the cooling water pipe diameter is how much?

Regarding question one, it can be said that so far there are no effective measures or measures. To achieve this goal, we can only eliminate the impact by reducing the load. The 360KW air cooler, the cooling water pipe diameter, in the national standard, there are two Φ18 and Φ16, according to the actual situation, to choose and determine.

3. What are the effects of air cooler fouling?

In an air cooler, if internal fouling occurs, the cooling effect of the air cooler deteriorates. Further, for the generator, the inlet air temperature of the generator is high, and the temperature of the stator thereof is abnormal. If it stays in this state for a long time, it will accelerate the insulation aging of the generator stator and greatly shorten the life of the generator. Therefore, this problem of air cooler should be avoided. If there is dirt, it should be promptly removed.

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