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Why Air Cooler Save 30% Than Conventional Air Cooler
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The biggest function of traditional Air Cooler is cooling. Heating is the second function of Air Cooler. There is still relatively little use of air-conditioning dual-use Air Cooler abroad, because when the outdoor temperature is lower than 5 °C, the external air-conditioning exchanger will experience icing and frosting, and the air-conditioning power will be greatly reduced. The greatest function of air heating is heating. Air Cooler are like amateur players and professional players. Floor heating air-conditioner uses air as energy source. It is a kind of advanced air-water equipment that integrates floor heating and air-conditioner (with hot water module) unit system to solve refrigeration and heating integration. The floor heating pipe is laid under the floor, and the system is equipped with an independent temperature control device, which features adjustable temperature, comfortable and healthy.

The heating effect of traditional Air Cooler is not as good as the cooling effect, because it uses forced air convection to heat, so the indoor air flow rate increases, the air is dry and stuffy, making people feel uncomfortable. The lower the outdoor temperature, the lower the heating efficiency of the air conditioner. When the outdoor temperature is below -8 °C, the air conditioner will only turn hot and will not provide heat. The most important thing is that the air-conditioning heating "hot head cold" does not meet the needs of the human body, will cause dizziness, headache and other adverse reactions leading to "air-conditioning disease."

On the contrary, the heating quality of air-heated air-conditioners is impeccable. Different from convection heating of Air Cooler, air heating can be radiant heating, and the entire ground is a cooling surface. When heating, people or objects are affected by the combined effect of radiation illumination and ambient temperature. The actual temperature of the human body can be 2 to 3 higher than the actual indoor environment temperature. °C. That is, under the same comfort conditions, the temperature of the interior design can be 2 to 3°C lower than the design temperature of the air-conditioning heating interior. In the room with floor-heating air-conditioner, the ground temperature is uniform, and the room temperature gradually decreases from the bottom to the top in a stair-like manner, which is highly comfortable and meets the health and environmental standards and physiological requirements of the “warm foot and cool top” that Chinese medicine stresses and can improve blood circulation. , promote metabolism, have a health effect on the body.

Traditional air-conditioning heating system for the reverse operation, the use of air-conditioning heating in winter, will accelerate the aging of the machine, the machine can be used for 10 years, winter can only have 6-8 years of life, virtually increase the operating costs. The thermal efficiency of air-to-floor air-conditioner is higher than that of air-conditioning heating by more than 10%; the heat loss is 10%-20% lower than that of air-conditioning; and the heat-storage performance is good. After heating is stopped, it can also be kept warm. Compared with Air Cooler, the comprehensive energy-saving rate is about 20%-30%, and operating costs can also save at least 20%-30%.

Based on the comprehensive analysis, the air-to-air warm air-conditioner is the most energy-saving equipment for heating, cooling, and bathing hot water. The input cost, low operating cost, and comfortable experience will become the mainstream trend of future heating. Meiling Gardiff air-heating air-conditioner can fully meet the needs of users. The air-to-floor air-conditioning system solves the problems of winter heating and summer cooling. The heat pump unit adopts a modular and independent operation. The work between the units does not interfere with each other, making the entire system at the lowest energy level. The state of consumption, to achieve maximum energy-saving effect, greatly reducing the overall operating costs. In the next few years. The green and new energy low-carbon products such as air-to-air warm air-conditioners will grow at a more rapid rate than in the past decade, and will be accepted by more and more domestic consumers.

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